Q.   How can I embed the code for my own widget?

A.   Copy the code, as presented in the code-box, and paste it in your website's code: Paste it just before the closing tag. Click here for further instructions.

Q.   How much does the service cost?

A.   The basic package is completely free of charge, alternatively you can open a premium account, starting at 4.95$/mo.

Q.   I am unable to add Java script (JS) to my website, how can I still benefit from RadarURL?

A.   We have a JS-free solution, click here for further instructions.

Q.   Why are the IP addresses in the 'Feed-Roll' section not complete?

A.   We are concerned with potential privacy issues. We do not believe that monitoring individuals without prior notification and agreement is desirable and for this reason we do not disclose personal information.

Q.   How can I add/reduce layers from the 24H chart?

A.   By clicking on the color boxed below the chart you can add/remove layers (maximum, minimum and average).

Q.   How can I export charts to PDF?

A.   This service and many more will be made available in future updates, join our Facebook page to keep up to date!

Q.   What can I find in the additional services section?

A.   Well, as the name suggests: More free of charge web services! From SEO analysis to advance who is and site statistics. Periodically we add new services so pop in once in a while and join our Facebook page in order to stay up to date.

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